2024 Savvy Shopper's Guide to Ulta Sale Dates

2024 Savvy Shopper's Guide to Ulta Sale Dates

Welcome to Ulta Beauty, a sanctuary for cosmetics connoisseurs, where the shelves gleam with an array of allurements. In this article, infused with the whimsical wit reminiscent of Sloane Crosley, we'll chart a course through the 2024 Ulta Sale Calendar.Picture yourself securing your coveted beauty essentials at prices that defy belief! Here, we'll divulge the monthly sale extravaganzas, ensuring you never overlook a tempting deal.Are you prepared to plunge into a year of astute shopping? Let's embark on this glamorous odyssey together and uncover the treasures that await!

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In the realm of Ulta, January ushers in the continuation of the adored Jumbo Love Event. This semi-annual spectacle, stretching over from the prior year, unveils irresistible discounts on shampoos and conditioners.But hold on tight! The Love Your Skin Event, a pinnacle of the Ulta Sale lineup, bursts onto the scene with gusto. Over three weeks, immerse yourself in a 50% discount on cherished skincare essentials, featuring acclaimed brands like First Aid, CosRX, Peter Thomas Roth, and Sunday Riley. Envision lavishing your skin with premium products at half the cost!It's an ideal moment to rejuvenate your skincare regimen without straining your wallet.


February at Ulta may appear subdued, yet it harbors a trove of hidden treasures. While major sales take a momentary pause, astute shoppers recognize this month's potential for discovery.Enter National Lash Day, a standout occasion on the Ulta Sale Calendar. Set on February 19th, it's an ode to enhancing those mesmerizing lashes. Anticipate a week brimming with discounts on indispensable lash-enhancing essentials. Whether you seek volumizing mascaras or enriching serums, Ulta has all your needs covered.


March introduces the eagerly awaited Ulta Beauty 21 Days of Beauty event, a pinnacle in the beauty realm. This biannual extravaganza serves as a haven for aficionados of cosmetics, skincare, and haircare.Picture 21 days adorned with irresistible deals, where your beloved products take center stage. Each day unveils fresh discounts, creating an opportune moment to restock your beauty arsenal or venture into uncharted territory.From opulent skincare to essential haircare and cutting-edge makeup, there's a treasure trove catering to every beauty enthusiast. So, mark your calendars and brace yourself for a beauty spectacle set to revolutionize your routine and elevate your mood!


April dawns at Ulta with the arrival of the Spring Haul Event, an enchanting sequel to the 21 Days of Beauty. This affair is a sanctuary for connoisseurs of luxury cosmetics, boasting an abundance of irresistible deals.Prepare to seize high-end beauty treasures at prices that won't strain your budget. Each day of this event presents an opportunity to delve into esteemed brands and infuse a touch of glamour into your beauty regimen.Whether you're a seasoned makeup enthusiast or simply indulging in a self-care treat, the Spring Haul Event beckons with premium beauty delights without the premium price tag. Gear up to snag your favorites this April and elevate your beauty experience!


May unfolds at Ulta with the highly anticipated Gorgeous Hair Event, a biannual celebration eagerly awaited by hair enthusiasts. This event revolves around lavishing your locks with the care they deserve, offering a cornucopia of hair care products at discounts of up to 50% off!From sumptuous shampoos to enriching conditioners and cutting-edge styling tools, the event presents an ideal opportunity to replenish your hair care essentials or venture into new territory. Whether you're yearning for tousled beach waves or sleek, polished styles, this event caters to every hair aspiration, ensuring your locks radiate their utmost beauty.Prepare to indulge in a pampering session for your tresses and elevate your hair game to new heights this May!


June arrives at Ulta with a double dose of excitement: the Jumbo Love Event and the Summer Sale. The Jumbo Love Event, held biannually, offers discounts of up to 40% on leading hair care brands.Consider it a prime opportunity to stockpile your favorite liter-sized products for your locks. Hot on its heels is the Summer Sale, celebrating sun-kissed beauty with discounts of up to 50% on summer skincare, makeup, and more.Whether you're refreshing your hair care routine or gearing up for summer glam, these sales promise a journey to beauty nirvana. Immerse yourself in June's enchanting deals and let your inner beauty shine!


July remains ablaze at Ulta with the Summer Sale in full swing, spotlighting fantastic deals on skincare and makeup essentials to maintain your summer glow.But the pièce de résistance? National Lipstick Day! Celebrated annually on July 29th, it's a joyous ode to your pout. Ulta commemorates this occasion with irresistible offers such as buy one, get one 50% off on premier lipstick brands.Embrace the vibrant spirit of National Lipstick Day with Ulta's unbeatable offers. Let's transform this July into a jubilant celebration of color and style!


August at Ulta unveils a medley of delightful surprises with its array of smaller promotions. The month commences with the Forever Fabulous Sale, signaling the transition from summer to fall beauty trends.It's an opportune moment to rejuvenate your makeup collection with the latest must-have products. Additionally, there's the Member Appreciation Days, a special tribute to Ultamate Rewards Program members. Anticipate exclusive deals and bonus points, allowing you to maximize your membership benefits.And let's not overlook the return of the second 21 Days of Beauty Sale, offering a fresh array of daily beauty steals. August at Ulta promises a mosaic of fabulous discoveries and gratifying experiences for all beauty enthusiasts!


September at Ulta welcomes the fabulous Fall Haul Event, an irresistible celebration of beauty steals that should not be overlooked. This event serves as a treasure trove for those eager to refresh their autumn beauty routine.Prepare for an array of Ulta daily deals, presenting skincare essentials to makeup must-haves at prices that invite indulgence. It's an ideal opportunity to explore emerging trends or replenish your cherished favorites.With each passing day, expect new surprises that ensure your beauty collection reflects the vibrancy of the fall season itself. Get set to embrace September's bounty of beauty delights and fall head over heels for its allure!


October at Ulta heralds the return of the much-anticipated Gorgeous Hair Event, an eagerly awaited encore of its previous iteration. This event stands as a haven for enthusiasts of hair care, presenting a second chance to seize phenomenal deals on all things hair-related.Indulge in luxurious shampoos, enriching conditioners, and cutting-edge styling tools, all at discounts of up to 50%. It's an ideal opportunity to explore new hair treatments or stock up on your tried-and-true favorites.Whether you seek a sleek, polished look or luscious, bouncy curls, this event caters to all your hair aspirations. Dive into October's hair care extravaganza and lavish your locks with the love they truly deserve!


November at Ulta kicks off with a festive bang through the Hello Holidays Sale, setting the stage for the season's shopping extravaganza. This precursor to Black Friday unveils a treasure trove of deals, presenting early bird specials on an extensive array of beauty products.Following closely is Black Friday, an eagerly awaited shopping spree that beauty enthusiasts anticipate all year. Brace yourself for doorbuster deals and substantial discounts on everything from luxurious skincare to the trendiest makeup must-haves.Ulta's November sales serve as your ultimate destination for all things beauty, offering an unparalleled shopping experience. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of indulgence and seize the beauty treasures that await!


December at Ulta whirls with festive cheer as the Holiday Beauty Blitz takes center stage. This event serves as a delightful countdown to Christmas, unveiling a fresh deal each week. Picture unwrapping a present revealing up to 50% off on dazzling gift ideas and beauty essentials.As the month progresses, the Jumbo Love Event makes its grand finale appearance for the year. It's your final opportunity to relish discounts of up to 40% off on premier hair care brands. Embrace the holiday spirit with these magnificent year-end sales, ensuring your festive season sparkles with beauty and joy!

Final Thoughts

Becoming proficient in navigating the Ulta Sale Calendar is essential for savvy shopping, guaranteeing you seize the finest beauty deals. By strategically planning your purchases around these sales, you can revel in substantial savings on your preferred products.Embrace the craft of strategic shopping outlined in this guide, and witness your beauty collection flourish without straining your budget. Are you prepared to capitalize on Ulta's remarkable sales this year?

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