How to Obtain Free Shipping on Temu

How to Obtain Free Shipping on Temu

If you find it hard to resist the allure of online shopping, chances are you've come across Temu. This budget-friendly e-commerce platform made waves with its 2023 Big Game ad and continues to maintain its momentum.

Believe it or not, Temu prides itself on providing free shipping for most of its items. However, there's a caveat: you might have to wait nearly a month for your order to arrive.

What is Temu?

Unfamiliar with Temu? Temu is a low-cost online retailer and a spinoff of the Chinese e-commerce giant, Pinduoduo.While other well-known budget-friendly online retailers like SHEIN and Wish primarily focus on fashion, Temu's offerings are more diverse. Described as an online mall, Temu offers a wide range of low-cost items, from tech gadgets to pet accessories, patio furniture, fashion, and home decor. Some shoppers have even claimed that Temu's recommended products algorithm is more accurate than those of its competitors.Temu promises to connect its customers with "partners around the world" to offer items at such low prices. But surely, there must be a catch, right? It seems improbable that you could purchase an entire outfit for under $30 without paying hefty shipping fees... or is there?

How to Get Free Shipping on Temu

As explained on Temu's website, the company offers "free standard shipping on almost all orders." However, the specifics regarding which items qualify for free shipping are not explicitly stated. You'll only find out whether your order qualifies for free standard shipping once you reach the checkout screen.

How Long Does Temu Shipping Take?

Temu's description of its standard shipping timeframe is frustratingly vague. While you won't incur any charges for standard shipping, delivery times can range from eight to 25 days. This open-ended shipping estimate can be frustrating, especially if you're purchasing a gift or an item needed by a specific deadline. While Temu's prices are unbeatable, customers accustomed to Amazon Prime's next-day delivery may find Temu's shipping policy disappointing.However, there is one silver lining to the vagueness. If your order doesn't arrive within Temu's (generous) estimated shipping time, you'll receive a promotional credit for your next order. According to the California Business Journal, late standard shipping orders will earn you a $5 credit, while late express shipping orders will earn you a $13 credit.

How Much Does Temu's Express Shipping Cost?

If you can't wait for up to 25 days for your Temu order to arrive, there's another option available. For $12.90 (or free if your order totals above $129 pre-tax), you can opt for Temu's "express shipping" service.While express shipping promises faster delivery, there's still no fixed timeframe provided. Temu advises customers to "refer to shipping estimates when confirming your order."Temu's express shipping may be a viable option if you need your items sooner or if your order exceeds $129. However, if you require delivery by a specific date, it's essential to place your order well in advance.

Why Does Temu Shipping Take So Long?

Your items may not be shipped from the U.S. Temu states that it "ships its products from a global network of suppliers and manufacturers." Depending on the origin of your items, longer shipping times may be required.What If Some Items in My Order Take Longer to Ship Than Others?To prevent one item from delaying the entire order, Temu will ship your order in multiple packages if an item has a longer processing time than usual. You can track all packages within the "Your Orders" page on

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